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About Us

We are those who
sustain, nourish and protect

Sustinentes aims to support the transition to sustainable development by providing innovative consulting and knowledge building through an ethically sound business model. Given the urgent need to accelerate the transition to sustainable behavior throughout society (e.g. think of the European Green Deal), we offer knowledge and solutions customized to our clients with a problem-solving approach. Sustinentes achieves that by partnering with both public and private sector organizations to empower them with a strategic vision on how to position themselves in the new scenario and business arena shaped by the sustainable transition. By helping them comply with the transition’s requirements, that strategic vision allows served organizations to minimize their business and institutional risks as well as to fully benefit of the available incentives.

We chose our inspiring name “Sustinentes” from Latin – the longest living lingua franca in Western civilization – as the plural present participle of the verb “Sustineo”, which literally means “I sustain, I nourish, I protect”. Thus, Sustinentes means “those who sustain / nourish / protect”. Alongside that and equally inspiring, our trademark is symbolized by Atlantis sustaining planet earth on his bare shoulders and is accompanied by our extended logo “Supporting Sustainable Knowledge and Solutions”.

we aim to accomplish our mission through

Main areas

Sustainable education and training

Sustainable research publication, reporting and dissemination

Sustainable certification


We customize our products and services to best fit our clients needs

Our consulting does not rely on pre-packed models but starts with a ground-based understanding of a specific clients’ reality, perceptions, and needs. Our knowledge building and training are, whenever possible, imparted as distance learning to maximize flexibility in attendance and minimize interference with a served organization’s ongoing activities. Our research, publication, reporting, and  dissemination respond to areas where we perceive specific needs. In this respect, one of the initial outputs of Sustinentes has been its Report on Savings and Sustainable Finance (RoSaSuFi), since we perceived that, though booming, Sustainable Finance lacked a simple and compact report where the multiple stakeholders can obtain easy-accessible and comprehensive information on the way this segment of the finance industry works, and how it is evolving also in relation to the trends in savings. Along the same approach – identifying a need, creating knowledge, prompting solutions – Sustinentes is engaged to provide sustainable certification.


Key Strenghts

Team members with different expertise but with invariably innovative drive

Expertise on systems thinking

Leading edge digital tecnologies

Working teams with multiple backgrounds

Ethically rooted consulting

Knowledge building, reporting and certification with business friendly attitude

Expert consultants

Meet Our Team

Corrado Baldinelli

Corrado Baldinelli

Corporate Finance Expert

Supervision of banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies expert. Adjunct professor of “Corporate Financing”

Giovanni Ferri

Giovanni Ferri

Sustainability Consulting Expert

Professor of Economics, experienced both in Italy & abroad on teaching, research & consulting in the area of sustainability.
Sustinentes Co-Founder 

Antonio Forte

Antonio Forte

Monetary policy systems Expert

Economist at Centro Europa Ricerche in Rome. Professor Main research areas: monetary policy & banking systems

Giovanna Landi

Giovanna Landi

Environmental law Expert

Milan lawyer specialized in environmental law, climate change and sustainable development. Professor of Sustainable Investment Banking

Francesca Lipari

Francesca Lipari

Sustainable Development Goals Expert

Adjunct professor of Economics, experienced both in Italy & abroad on teaching, research & consulting in the area of sustainability

Agostino Marengo

Agostino Marengo

Digital Learning and PM Expert

e-learning Strategist and Researcher, Entrepreneur & Founder. Computer Science and Project Management University Professor

Alessandro Pagano

Alessandro Pagano

Digital Learning and ICT Expert

Digital Learning and ICT Expert, adjunct professor of ICT and Computer Science. Sustinentes Co-Founder

Alberto Privitera

Alberto Privitera

Business Economics Expert

Experienced chartered accountant & auditor, adjunct professor of Business Economics. Sustinentes Co-Founder

Habib Sedehi

Habib Sedehi

Systems thinking Expert

Systems thinking and complex processes expert. System dynamics simulation expert. Sustinentes Co-Founder

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